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a few tips

empower instructors

     It is essential that instructors be adequately trained in the tools and capabilities of their learning or course management system (CMS/LMS). They should not only be the subject matter expert of their course, but also be able to expertly manage discussion boards, assignments, grade book, and other online tools that enable them to interact with learners.

     What course management tools a faculty member elects to use should be determined by their strategic learning objectives and how best to realize them. Whether an online or hybrid course, tools such as discussion boards can be an invaluable resource, but if faculty don’t know how to inspire students to post or know how to manage a large course for scalability, they can end up wasting valuable time and learning opportunities. Students, who often tend to be technologically adept, can also become easily frustrated with an instructor that doesn’t know how to properly post grades or give feedback for student work online.

     We can work with you to easily break down your courseware platform to its essential elements so it becomes non-threatening. Because knowledge is empowering, we will work to determine what course tools best align with your course objectives and teach you the benefits of these tools, as well as their limitations and workarounds, and ways to manage these tools effectively so that you can excel as an instructor in the online learning space.