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Synapse project

Synapse is a web-based application built in PHP with JavaScript and AJAX that allows users to construct and organize knowledge in a personal database. Users can add items to their database by composing original content in a standard text editor or collect information they read online using a custom Firefox browser extension. Then users can tag those items with key words to make them more easily searchable and to associate that information with related items in the database.

More than just a search tool for personal data however, Synapse also suggests knowledge connections by generating tag clouds that facilitate navigation to associated content items. Additionally, users can annotate both original content and captured information with moveable sticky notes contextually on the page. Both the original idea or captured item, along with annotations, can be shared with other users who can build on that knowledge by submitting their own ideas and information in return.

Synapse can be used to take notes, perform research, find forgotten concepts, record personally relevant ideas, or share information with others. It alleviates the need for copying and pasting links in emails to others or creating browser bookmark lists. Its architecture is flexible enough to incorporate a wide variety of data thereby offering users the ability to consolidate information from the various facets of their lives.