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      The last decade has seen a tremendous sea change in the opportunities available to deliver high quality online training and education cheaply and efficiently. The Internet now allows us the ability to create effective online courses with interactive media that can greatly enhance the educational experience while cutting costs. But online instruction means much more than simply uploading web page copy of a transcribed lecture or video of a subject matter expert. Online instruction must consider methods of delivery, scalability, learning goals, instructional design, learning styles, communication, interactivity, and assessment to create an experience that empowers, rather than alienates, learners.

With over 10 years experience in the field of online instruction, provides mentoring, courseware customization and support, course design, copy writing, storyboarding, web application development, courseware extension development, and strategic planning for academic institutions and businesses looking to grow their online training and education at affordable rates.

     We encourage you to read through the content on this site to get a better idea of the issues involved in course content creation and the services we can provide. For more information and consultation, development, or mentoring packages, please e-mail us directly at or call 512-695-4080.